Cat Sightings in Boca Raton – Possible Lost Cat

Found Classic Brown Tabby Cat

Found Classic Brown Tabby Cat

In our search for Sonya, this is a cat that we found wandering near a condo community close to ours. She is a Classic Brown Tabby, approximately one or 2 years old. She is friendly enough to follow us around begging for treats, but will not let us touch her. She has also been spotted looking in condo windows looking for her family. If you lost your kitty near the Boca Del Mar area, please contact us with any other identifying marks that you know this cat has and where you lost her.

Please email.

Thank you.

FOUND! – Reward Lost Cat – Gray Tiger Stripe in Boca Raton, FL

UPDATE 10/15/13 – Sonya has been FOUND and is home safe! Thanks to all for your help and support in finding our Sonya and bringing her home.

Lost Gray Silver Tan Tiger Striped Cat


Sonya is a Gray & Silver Tiger Striped Female Cat with Tan undertones, White Paws and Green eyes.

She is about a year old.

She was last seen Sat June 9th @ Boca Place Apartments on Boca Del Mar (near Palmetto and Powerline) in Boca Raton. Possible unconfirmed sightings have her moving south towards Camino Real and 18th street, but really should could be anywhere in a 5 mile radius (maybe).

Sonya Lost Cat Boca Raton Gray Tiger Stripe


Lost Gray Silver Tan Tiger Striped Cat

Lost Gray Silver Tan Tiger Striped Cat